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" Tanya has a genuine personality that is void of ego. "

She is always inspired, and consistently rises to and welcomes the varied challenges of working as a producer. I have been privileged to have her at the helm of many of my productions and look forward to watching her path and passion for documentary filmmaking evolve in days ahead.

~Jonathan Chapman Photographer & Director

" I have been lucky. "

I have been lucky enough to work with Tanya Silver for the past 10 years on commercial projects as well as personally on independent shorts and documentaries. She is not only a producer but a collaborative partner in the production of each film. The enthusiasm Tanya brings to every project establishes the mood for everyone working around her. She brings an ease to sets that can often be tense and chaotic working environments. On every project, Tanya goes above and beyond to bring all the pieces together and when issues do arise, she is efficient in coming up with solutions to keep things running smoothly. Her greatest asset is her knowledge of what every department's special needs are on set and finding a balance, so every collaborator feels they have everything they need to do the best job possible. 

~Eric Schleicher, Cinematographer

" Tanya is the producer you want in the middle of battle and at the wrap party. "

She can be problem-solving 12 issues at the same time while making the talent laugh in the make-up chair. That balance is what makes her so special. Kicking butt and adding levity at the same time. Tanya comes to the table with solutions instead of complaints. And the solutions come quickly because she has a unique instinct for knowing the right thing to do. I want Tanya in my corner for a job and for a time of mourning. She is a true friend to everyone and a brilliantly creative producer. 

 ~Joseph Daniel McMahon, Director & Editor

" Tanya’s empathetic approach to her work ensures each department is truly well cared for and their needs are met. "

We all work in unison when Tanya is onboard, and everything goes to plan. Every. Single. Time. She nails it.

~Charlotte Ariss, Principal, Location Scout & Location Manager, Charlotte Ariss Locations

" Tanya is a people person. "

She knows how people tick, is kind in nature, and is great at making connections. Tanya is committed, organized and can hold a team of creatives together while making us all laugh. She is relentless at staying ten steps ahead and can pivot in any type of situation. I would not hesitate to collaborate with Tanya no matter the size or scope of a project.

~Elizabeth Mullen, Art Director, Coolibar Sun Protective Clothing

" Tanya brings an energy and sense of humor to each project she touches. "

At the same time she brings a sense of order and decisiveness to the often chaotic and challenging world of commercial photography. She will find just the right solution to whatever is served up and make lemonade out of the most under ripe lemons. Tanya knows her stuff. Yeah, she’s GOOD.

~Cheryl Watson, Creative Director

" Tanya is one of those rare individuals who can keep all of the balls in the air while making it look easy. "

She is highly organized and creative, which allows for smooth project management with incredibly short timelines and limited resources. Tanya takes each new challenge as an opportunity to expand her skills and grow both personally and professionally. She approaches new ideas and concepts with team spirit and an open mind. Tanya is an excellent communicator and is able to effectively relay complicated information to a broad audience. She is able to manage projects utilizing both internal teams and external suppliers. Would love to work with her again!

~Angela Gearhart, Vice President Brand Experience, Select Comfort

" Tanya is a gifted and brilliant marketing and branding professional. "

She is a creative visionary and equally amazing at execution. She is inquisitive with a razor-sharp eye and mind, and is always looking for newer and better ways to do things. She is a team player and is kind, honest, funny and a joy to work with. Tanya is a star and I enjoyed working with her immensely.

~Ann Folkman, Managing Director at CarVal Investors

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