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We are more than a creative and production partner. 

Passion for Our Craft. 

We are a team of passionate individuals energized by collaboration, coordination, and storytelling. Planning production experiences for our clients with care and consideration makes us happy. Eagerly anticipating golden hours, blue hours, and twilight when incredible imagery is abundant, triggers goosebumps up and down our arms. It's our crew's ability to capture and weave rich visuals and perspectives into compelling stories that inspires us. Stories that unfold in unscripted moments and celebrate the human experience are our favorites. To do this every day and call it work, we call that a gift.

Meet Our Team.

TKSilver Production Creative Partner +Storyteller +Producer: Tanya Silver

Founder + CEO + Creative Partner + Storyteller + Producer

In addition to being an exceptional leader and an Emmy-award winning producer, Tanya brings years of experience in product launch and expansion, marketing, branding, and advertising across a variety of mediums and platforms to the table. Her skills and expertise enable her to be a valuable creative partner for our clients, providing them with an innovative, knowledgeable, and resourceful team member that will seamlessly adapt to any project. She can help shape and develop high-level concepts, ideas, stories, and strategy, while simultaneously coordinating project management's intricate aspects. 

Tanya leads collaboratively and compassionately. Her thinking is strategic. A keen observer, she acts decisively and precisely after carefully watching, looking, and listening. Even the most complicated situations are handled with humor and ease by her quick wit and ingenuity.

Tanya is a mentor who believes in giving back to the creative community and creating pathways for diversity and inclusion. Her passion for the arts extends to advocacy as well. She has served on several boards supporting the arts in education, health care, and theater. 

An intimate dinner party where good people, delicious cuisine, champagne, fine wine, laughter, and interesting conversations are present is one of Tanya's favorite things to do when she is not working or traveling.

Stephanie madeja

Production Partner + Co-Producer

Stephanie is an excellent partner, co-producer, and collaborator. A seasoned Project Director and Integrated Producer, she brings a wealth of experience in managing and executing advertising and brand projects from inception to completion across a variety of mediums and platforms. With a career spanning 25 years, Stephanie has honed a versatile skill set that enables her to navigate the complexities of broadcast, photography, digital, out-of-home, and print executions with ease.

Stephanie's skills and experience pair well in expanding our capabilities beyond production, to also support art buying, creative development, and hands-on project management for our clients. She is resourceful, knowledgeable and can quickly adept to any project. 

When she's not working or traveling, she can often be found at the gym or seen swinging a golf club alongside Tanya on the course. 

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