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It’s easy to get caught in the hamster wheel of constant productivity. We can forget to celebrate what we've achieved and how far we have come. 


Success is a concept that continuously changes and evolves. It's a winding journey that comes with intention, effort, patience, compassion and grace. Not always tied to finishing a project, claiming a title or net worth. At TKSilver Productions, we regularly review our own scorecard for success. We celebrate small wins (and big ones). It's important to us. 


This is a dedicated space where we pause, reflect, celebrate, and acknowledge the successes and achievements of our peers, our partners and our own. We highly encourage you to participate in the celebration and release those happy endorphins! 

celebrate success!

Photo by Lee Stanford

A Spicy Hot Congratulations!  

Wow! Mouthwatering work. Who's in the mood for some crispy and deliciously spicy chicken?

We've had the great privilege to collaborate with Jonny on a few occasions over the years. He is wildly talented, infinitely creative, and a really good human. We are thrilled to see the visions that swirl inside his mind come to life with this work

Jonny also found out after completing this project, that this was the first production in the U.S. to use the CineBot Mini on a shoot. That's pretty cool! 


Raise a glass to congratulate Jonny. Can't wait to see what inspires him next.


 Now get yourself to the nearest Nashville Coop! 

When Cinematographer, Jonny Stuckmeyer, saw that Cinemechanics had a new camera robot in town that that could plug into a household outlet, squeeze into tight places and be programed by holding the camera where you want it, he knew he had to find a project to use it on. He reached out to Arif Mohamed, who owns Nashville Coop, and pitched him on a creative concept that has been swirling around in his head. With a green light from Arif Mohamed, Cinemechanics along with the cast and crew also graciously agreed to indulge his vision. In one fast-paced day, Jonny shot and directed 5 social media spots, and established an image library of still photography for Nashville Coop.


Director/DP/Photographer/Concept: Jonny Stuckmayer
Food Stylist: Kari Setterholm
AC: Erin LeMair
Robot Operator: Jacob Watson
Robot Assist: Aleutian Calabay
Gaffer: Douglas Gander
Grip: Alan Taverna
Cast: Kia Johnson
Cast: Yutshua Lee
Edit: Josh Mruz
Color: Oscar Oboza / Nice Shoes

More of Jonny's work can be found here:

Nashville Coop

Award of Excellence
Communication Arts Photography Annual

Lifestyle Director + Photographer, Scott Montgomery, has received the Award of Excellence in the 2023 Communication Arts Photography Annual. For 64 years, Communication Arts has honored the craft of talented photographers from around the world. CA's Award of Excellence is one of the most-coveted awards in the industry. Selected by an international jury of distinguished creative directors and photographers, the winning photography entries are distributed worldwide in the Communication Arts Photography Annual, in print and digital editions, and on, assuring important exposure to the creators of the outstanding work.

Scott shot this story at the Damen shipyard in Amsterdam. It's an impressive series that beautifully balances warm and cool colors. It captures the massive scale at which these men build everything from military vessels and tugboats to super yachts. Scott said, 'Walking underneath and around these massive ships, it’s hard to imagine how they float.' The portraits are of Ukrainians who fled Ukraine at the outbreak of war. Even though there was no common language between them, through body language and hand gestures, everyone all got along just fine.


Be sure to peruse through this stunning series of photos that will be featured in the 2023 CA Photo Annual.

More of Scott's work can be found here:

Represented by Doug Truppe

An Industrial-Sized Congratulations!

Wow! Stunning work. The shipyard backdrop is a visual dream for storytellers. We've had the great privilege to collaborate with Scott on a few occasions. Not only is he wildly talented, but he is genuinely a wonderful, kind and good human. We could not be more thrilled to see his work receive the Award of Excellence. 


Raise a glass to congratulate Scott. We hope he is enjoying this moment at the summit for himself, before he descends the mountain to get back at it.


 A well-earned recognition, my dear friend. Can't wait to see what inspires you next. 

The Last Daughter Healing Is Hidden In The Past
Feature Documentary Trailer

The Story

Brenda’s first memories were of growing up in a loving white foster family, before she was suddenly taken away and returned to her Aboriginal family. 

Decades later, she feels disconnected from both halves of her life. But the traumas of her past do not lie quietly buried. So, she goes searching for the foster family with whom she had lost all contact. 

Along the way she uncovers long-buried secrets, government lies, and the possibility for deeper connections to family and culture. The Last Daughter is a documentary about Brenda’s journey to unearth the truth about her past, and to reconcile the two sides of her family.

The film premiered across Australia June 15, 2023. 

The film premiered in the U.S. April 14, 2024, as part of the Minneapolis/St. Paul International Film Festival. 


World Premiere at Adelaide Film Festival and Audience Award for Best Documentary

Official Selection at Gold Coast Film Festival and winner of Best Australian Film

Official Selection at Sydney Film Festival and runner up for Audience Award for Best Documentary.

Official Selection at Minneapolis/St. Paul International Film Fest.

Official 'Best of Fest' Selection at Minneapolis/St. Paul International Film Fest. 


Principal Funder and Impact Partner: Australians Together

Executive Producers: Michael Tear and Taryn Brumfitt

Producers: Simon Williams and Brendon Skinner / Gravity Films 

Directors: Brenda Matthews and Nathaniel Schmidt

EP/Cultural Advisor: Kyle Slabb

Director Mentor: Larissa Behrendt

Banaam to Brenda: Mark Matthews

Editor: David Scarborough

Composer: James Henry


A Special Thanks To: 

Screen Australia, Adelaide Film Festival , South Australian Film Corporation and Bonsai Films

Mac and Connie

Nana Brenda

To learn more about Brenda's journey:

We respect and honour Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elders past, present and future. We acknowledge the stories, traditions and living cultures of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples on this land and commit to building a brighter future together.

HUGE Congratulations for the Premiere of this incredible film! 

When Nathaniel and I started our co-production company, Six Months of Winter LLC, in 2015, as a home for our own feature documentaries, little could we have foreseen that within two years he'd be moving back to Adelaide, South Australia to work for Australians Together. I am so glad he said yes to the opportunity. The move introduced him to Brenda Matthews and her incredible story. Nathaniel also met Simon Williams and Brendon Skinner of Gravity Films. They came onboard for the post production of ICE BALL, our short documentary featuring polar explorer, Will Steger. I was able to visit Adelaide during post production and meet them both in person, which was amazing. They are a dynamic duo. I'm glad they partnered with Nathaniel again, to produce The Last Daughter.


Brenda's story is really powerful and moving. I truly hope you take the time to watch it. 

Raise a glass to Brenda, Nathaniel, Simon, Brendon and everyone involved in this journey.

AtEdge General Mills 'Snacks' Campaign Spotlight

Photographer/Director, Chad Holder, held the slot in a AtEdge Campaign Spotlight featuring a series of fun images from our collaboration with Martin Williams and General Mills. The 'Snacks' advertising campaign included all the recognizable favorites: Torino's Pizza Rolls, Chex Mix, Nature Valley Granola Bars, Dunkaroos, Muddy Buddies and Pillsbury Cookie & Mini Biscuits. 


AtEdge is a curated hub that promotes top talent in photography and videography. By invitation only, a select group of photographers and directors are connected with the industry’s most recognized creative directors, producers and global brands.

Client: General Mills

Agency: Martin Williams/The Mint

Creative Directors: Matt Pruett and Anne Seng

Photographer: Chad Holder

Second Camera: James

Producer: Tanya Silver

Production Coordinator: Jill Byrlev

Styling Team: Cindy Warner and Jen Henn

Production Design/Art Department: Linda Petersen, Barb Olson, Aseeya Grant, Taylor Idso

Hair/Makeup: Ashlee Ellert-Fearing

Digital Tech: Trevor Fenner

1st AC: Molly Grzybowski

2nd AC: Alyssa Justice 

3rd AC: Finn Silver

Props on Wheels: Brian and Maddie Denny

Shelter Studios Gear Rental


More of Chad's work can be found here:

Congratulations For Making Snack Time Fun!

Whenever we have the opportunity to partner with Chad Holder, we know the result is going to be good work and a good time. We'll work hard. We'll have a great crew. And we'll have some fun along the way. Chad is a prolific photographer and director. He loves being behind the camera and creating. 

Raise a glass of milk {and your favorite General Mills cookie or snack} to Chad and everyone involved in this project. 

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